Patchwork Pants

Flat-patterned and sewn by Eleni Sophocleus. Upcycled from previously worn denim. Custom made. 

Bespoke Retro-Inspired Dress

Patterned from a live draping session, made from 100% cotton deadstock fabric. Modeled by Parker Grubb, and photographed by Eleni Sophocleus.

Men's Patchwork Sweater

Upcycled from 3 cashmere sweaters. 100% cashmere wool.

Split Shirts

Upcycled from worn vintage tees and flannels. Unisex.

Pinafore Dresses

Made from vintage deadstock fabric. 100% cotton.

Gathered Shirt & Wrap Dress

Upcycled from a maxi-length vintage dress. 100% silk.