Remnant Goods is a collection of one-of-a-kind garments created in my Minneapolis home. Each piece is upcycled from worn and well-loved clothes in an effort to give them a second life. Upcycling may not be the end-all practice for sustainable fashion, but while there is an excessive amount of clothing being thrown away each day, any sort of deterrence helps. I am committed to upcycling in a productive way by not scaling down larger garments. Secondhand plus size fashion is scarce as-is, and does not need to be depleted by "thrift-flippers" looking to make bigger garments fit smaller bodies. 

This idea was born in an effort to merge my love of textiles and slow fashion. I began by repurposing fabric waste through weaving and quilting. It has since transformed into this; a series of garments made with love and built to last. 


Prices are as listed on my Depop shop as items are available. Each item is one of a kind. 

For a custom garment, pricing is ranged based on materials used and customization/tailoring. 

Patchwork Pants: $120-150

Patchwork Skirts: $65

Jumper/Pinafore Dress: $60

Split Shirts: $25-45

Sweaters: $50

To request a commissioned piece/custom garment, please fill out a request form here.